Numerical controls

  • Three-axis fixed-head lathes with bar passage up to ø80 mm;
  • Swiss-type lathes for bar machining from ø4 to ø32 mm;
  • 1 Machining center for milling, drilling and threading operations.


  • 1 automatic hacksaw;
  • 3 column drills;
    1 piece cleaning system;


A pool of qualified and selected suppliers for heat, galvanic and other mechanical processes such as grinding, rolling and surface finishing according to customer specifications.

Measurement tools

Accuracy is fundamental for us and therefore we have a metrology room dedicated to quality controls, because nothing is left to chance: zero defects is our goal.
We constantly calibrate the control instrumentation and rely on the best LAT centers for the certification of measuring instruments.

  • Optical measuring machine – MTL 500 EVO;
  • Profiles projector;
  • Mitutoyo profiler;
  • Mitutoyo hardness tester;
  • Mitutoyo roughness tester;
  • Mitutoyo altimeter;
  • Outside, inside and depth micrometers;
  • Digital outside, inside and depth gauges;
  • Pads and threaded rings.
Torneria Fanti magazzino


  • 1 Piece Counting Platform;
  • Automatic Vertical Warehouse – MODULA

Our packaging facility allows us to customize the packaging to your product specifications.

Furthermore, thanks to the technology and software introduced into the management system, we have full product traceability, from the arrival of the raw material to delivery, and a cutting-edge planning system allows us to quickly process our customers’ requests.